Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Craft Beer with Lime? Yep. Craft Beer with Lime

Ah, Summer -- baseball, barbecue, and beer...with lime in it. Yeah, that's right, we're not going to sweat the big boys for putting lime in their beer. We just don't think they should be the only kids in town doing it.

That's why we at Six Row Brewing are going to take a cask of our Centennial Rye - a fine, crisp, mildly tart summer beer in its own right - and add some lime peel to it, for an additional zesty kick.

Come on down to our brewpub at 3690 Forest Park Ave. on Thursday, July 7th, for a fresh, summery pint of Lime Rye, and join us in fond reveries of fireworks, float trips and fun. We'll tap the cask at 5:00 pm.

Your beer with lime no longer needs to come in a clear bottle.

(Beach view not included)

-by Joe Esser