Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday To Us

Six Row Brewing Company is turning 2 years old, and like most 2-year-olds, we want to have a big party with all our friends, lots of yummy treats and cake.

Unlike most 2-years-olds, we actually like sharing our cool stuff (and we're a little less whiny). We are so excited to turn the corner into the terrible twos, that we'd like to invite one and all to join us for a two-day blowout at our Plant No.1 Brewpub at 3690 Forest Park Ave. in St. Louis on Friday and Saturday, December 2nd and 3rd.

The party will feature several casks, small batches of unique beer, the return of some beer styles we've tapped throughout the year, our new anniversary beer, and live music. Oh, and pancakes, because what 2-year-old doesn't love pancakes?

Note that there will be several hours on Friday night when you'll be able to go home, get some sleep, shower, shave, check in with your parole officer, walk the dog, etc., otherwise, you should pretty much plan on being around for all of this 2-day SixRowapalooza so as not to miss a minute of the fun, not to mention the beer.

We should begin by mentioning that all weekend our eight regular taps will be pouring:
- Whale
- Honey Weizen
- Porter
- Double IPA
- Vanilla Porter
- Brown Ale
- Fresh Hop Extra Pale Ale
- Plant No. 1 Pre-Prohibition Pilsner (it's back!)

The super, special, happy fun stuff starts Friday Dec. 2nd at 5PM. Punch the clock, cash your paycheck and head straight to Six Row.

At 5:00 we'll be tapping...

  • Our new 2nd Anniversary Beer, Killer Whale. It's Whale (our flagship wheat-pale ale hybrid) with a whole bunch more teeth. We'll be pouring it all weekend, and into the holiday season.
  • The first of two Baumann's Bacon Porter Casks. Yeah, that's right, more pig in the Porter. Once again Baumann's Fine Meats in Brentwood has hooked us up solid, and this time we've got a total of two pounds of three different types of lean, custom-smoked bacon soaking in a cask of our Porter. If you like your Porter salty and smoky, or (maybe more to the point) if you like your bacon saturated with beer, have a pint and squeal with delight.
  • Reserved kegs of our Centennial Rye and Black IPA styles. These are the last of these beers this year. We'll tap 'em and let 'em flow all weekend until they run out.

Then at 7PM on Friday, The Bob & Perry Review and the Original Mojos will perform several hours of fun, live classic rock. The last time they played here, there was a group hallucination of a seven-foot dancing Whale.

At midnight on Friday Six Row closes for the evening. Get some rest, and we'll see you Saturday morning, because...

We're opening at 10AM on Saturday, December 3rd for brunch. Start your day off right: in a bar. In addition to some great breakfast dishes from our kitchen (did we mention the pancakes?), when we open we'll be tapping and serving...

  • A cask of Chocolate Milk Breakfast Porter - our Porter with serious amounts of cocoa and lactose added, for a rich, sumptuous accompaniment to eggs, sausage, and pancakes.
  • The last 6th barrel of our Cream Ale. Yes, it's for breakfast. You may doubt, but try it out. Goes good with... well... pancakes.

The fun rolls on at 3PM on Saturday when we'll be tapping...

  • The second cask of Baumann's Bacon Porter. Two pounds of Baumann's custom smoked bacon in this piggy too. Squeal in delight a second time.
  • A small batch of Belgian Double IPA. We fermented a 6th-barrel's worth of our popular Double IPA with Belgian Trappist yeast. Yum.

Are we done yet? Not remotely.

You fell victim to one of the classic blunders - The most famous of which is "never get involved in a land war in Asia" -
but only slightly less well-known is this: "Never assume Six Row is done celebrating when their birthday rolls around!" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Where was I? Right... more beer tappings. On Saturday at 7PM we'll be tapping...
  • A cask of our new Brown Ale, dry-hopped with rich, earthy Summit hops.
  • A small batch of Imperial Milk Stout. We've got just 5 gallons of this really big, really sweet, really rich milk stout, which will taste just dandy with dish of gooey butter cake (at this point we probably won't be serving pancakes any more, but then again, you never know).
Of course, with this being a birthday party and all, at some point in the afternoon/evening, there will be cake. We're two years old and we want cake. (If we are not too full of pancakes.)B

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and our good thing ends midnight on Saturday. But don't forget to stop in for lunch on Monday, December 5, our actual birthday...

(by Joe Esser)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Six Row to be Available in Bottles

Up until now, customers who wanted to enjoy our beer were limited to purchasing it on tap or in a growler for home consumption. Now we can an add a third option for those who would like to take our beer home.

Beginning tomorrow, Friday, November 12th, we will be bottling a limited amount of our Whale style beer in 22 oz. bombers for the first time.

At this point, the process is more manual than we would like it, so quantities will be limited at first, but the bottles of Whale will be sold at the Old Plant No. 1 Pub for $5 each as take-out only. We expect the first bottles to be available as soon as Friday evening.

The plans to bottle more quantity and more styles is going forward and we hope to start making styles like our Double IPA and Porter available in the near future.

We are very excited about this new step we are taking and we hope you enjoy taking a Whale home to enjoy on your own time. Cheers!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Semi-New Style Release: Vanilla Porter

Remember when you tasted the Vanilla Porter from one of our cask nights and wished that it was available more often? Well, you're in luck.

Or remember when you would get to Six Row to try the Vanilla Porter cask that everyone on Twitter was raving about, but you found it was gone already and you wished we had more of it? You are also in luck.

Or remember when you tasted the Vanilla Porter and you thought it was just OK, but you really preferred to go with a Double IPA or a Whale? Well, then this doesn't matter that much to you, but the good news is that we still have lots of DIPA and Whale for you!

We can't make EVERYONE happy with a single style release, but we think the large batch of our Vanilla Porter will please a lot of you, so that's exactly what we will be doing on Thursday, November 10th at 4pm.

After much success with adding vanilla beans to casks of our original Porter, we've produced a full tank of this wonderful beer. It's the Porter you already know and love, with a healthy dose of whole vanilla beans added to the fermenter. It's as simple and delicious as that, and starts pouring at 4PM.

This is just one of a number of releases we have coming up soon, so stay tuned here (or our Facebook page or on Twitter or on our homepage). Cheers!