Monday, November 5, 2012

Congressman Clay Goes to Six Row

U.S  Congressman Lacy Clay recently visited the Six Row pub and microbrewery. Congressman  Clay is the Representative for Missouri’s 1st congressional district, which includes Six Row’s Old Plant No.1 location at 3690 Forest Park Avenue.

While the Congressman said his favorite leisure drink is wine, he is also a fan of craft beers. He prefers a lighter style beer, such as the Pre-Prohibition Old Plant No. 1 Pilsner.

“Congressman Clay was very interested in the brewing process, and asked many thoughtful, insightful questions,” said Six Row Head Brewer, Evan Hiatt. “He is aware of the recent boom in the craft beer industry and the commerce and jobs it’s creating in St. Louis and around the country.”

Evan Hiatt (left) gives Congressman Clay the tour of  Six Row's brewing facilities.

The Congressman asked what he could do in Washington to help microbreweries like Six Row succeed. Six Row President, Mike Rami, suggested that like most U.S. small businesses, microbreweries could benefit from less red tape, much of which is outdated and unnecessary.

From left to right, Hiatt, Congressman Clay, and Rami discuss the craft brewing industry.
Hiatt extended the invitation to Congressman Clay at the suggestion of the Brewers Association, which encouraged microbreweries to establish relationships with their legislators.  “Congressman Clay was a gracious guest, who left us feeling we have a new friend in Washington,” Hiatt said.

Looks good!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Six Row Has a New [as-yet-unnamed] Mug Club, Help Us Name It

Hey friends and fans of Six Row, we are delighted to announce the formation of a [as-yet-unnamed] Mug Club at our Plant No. 1 Pub.

Details, dates, how to join and what you get when you do join will all be announced in the very near future. 

In the meantime, though, we have a small problem. The first rule of mug club is... do not have a poorly named mug club.

While our [as-yet-unnamed] Mug Club will feature all sorts of discounts and specials, members-only events and snazzy glassware, what we're lacking is a great name. We've put our heads together and tossed around some ideas, but have fallen short, so we're asking you, our adoring public, to help us out. So we're going to have a [as-yet-unnamed] Mug Club Naming Contest.

You can submit your suggestions for our [as-yet-unnamed] Mug Club to: That's all it takes to enter. An idea and a valid e-mail address from which to send it to us.

If we choose your submission, you will become our Charter [your-cool-mug-club-name-here] Member, entitling you to a free one-year membership with all the benefits thereof, and a firm handshake from at least one, but probably several, of our very appreciative Six Row staff.

We will accept suggestions until Monday, October 1st, so get those creative juices flowing and help us name our [as-yet-unnamed] Mug Club!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Six Row is Coming to Chicago (for one day)

When the Chicago bar, The Green Lady and guys from planned their Chicago Craft Beer Week event, they had a unique vision and they dubbed it "South of 80":
Of the beers to be made available, head organizer Ryan Hermes says “We’re excited to showcase some very unique beers from some passionate downstate brewers including; a top selling beer in all of the Quad Cities, ales and lagers brewed with locally grown ingredients from a farm near the state capitol, creative cask offerings from an up-and-coming St. Louis brewery and the brewery that became the face of last year’s fight over a small brewer’s right to self-distribute..”
Who is this "up-and-coming St. Louis brewery?" Little old us. We're pretty freakin' psyched about it too.

Other breweries that will be pouring at the event are: Bent River Brewing Company, Big Muddy Brewing, and Rolling Meadows Brewery.

Here's the details if you also happen to be in the Chicago area or if you want to get your half pack of cigarettes and sunglasses for the drive up:
What: and The Green Lady Present “South of 80″: A Celebration of Downstate Craft Beer
 When: May 22, 2012, 7 pm – 10 pm
 Where: The Green Lady, 3328 N. Lincoln, just steps from the Paulina Brown Line stop
 Hit it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Your Guide to Six Row's 2012 American Craft Beer Week

American Craft Beer Week is approaching fast and we've got a full slate of great stuff planned.  It would be a shame if you had to miss any of it, so get your calendars out and start saving the dates!  All events begin at 5pm unless otherwise noted.

Monday, May 14 
Small Batch Release of Fresh Strawberry Honey Weizen

Our Honey Weizen is an easy-drinking wheat beer made with a generous portion of honey from Missouri Honey in Florissant, Missouri! With a combination of white wheat malt, honey malt, and locally produced honey, the unfiltered Honey Weizen is a great example of a traditional wheat beer with a twist. It was delicious on its own, and now we've added fresh strawberries.

Tuesday, May 15
Cask of Peppercorn DIPA

The Peppercorn DIPA lost our Cask Beer Election by one measly vote back in March. It ran such a strong campaign, we had to reward it with a spot during American Craft Beer Week.

Wednesday, May 16
Cask of Liquorice Porter

You've tried our Porter flavored with Vanilla, Bacon, and Whiskey.  Now we have aged a cask with liquorice root to tantalize your taste buds.

Thursday, May 17
Large Batch Release of Bailene & Beer Pairing Special

The Bailene is our signature Whale style fermented with French Saison yeast. We released a small batch of Bailene last year that went over really well, so it is back and there is more for everyone!

We are still solidifying the menu for the Beer Pairing Special, but it will include a sample of four beers: Plant No. 1 Pilsner, Centennial Rye, Bailene, and Killer Whale. Instead of a formal dinner with a specific start time, it will be a special you can order off the menu while supplies last. It will be a more informal tapas style with all the courses coming out at once to be paired with the beers. We will post the menu and pricing as soon as those details are solidified.

Friday, May 18
Cask of Fresh Ginger Centennial Rye

Our Ginger Kolsch went over so well, we decided to similarly spruce up our Centennial Rye using fresh ginger.

--- UPDATE ---
Due to some unforeseen scheduling issues, Our Whale of a Time Festival has been postponed until a later date, which is still TBD.  Please watch for updates as we reschedule the date.

However, we still have lots planned for...

Saturday, May 19 (opening at 10am)
Cellar Saturday & Beer Brunch

After our very popular Anniversary Pancake Breakfast, we realize that beer for breakfast/brunch is a good thing. The brunch menu includes:

  • Beer Batter Buttermilk Pancakes (PANCAKES!!!)
  • Whale Rarebit over English Muffins
  • Beer Biscuits & Gravy

We'll open at 10am and serve our brunch items while supplies last.

Then all day long we'll be bringing out some special holdovers from our reserves and serving them for $3 a pint until we run out. At any given time, we'll have four of our special styles on tap in addition to our normal lineup. Including, but not limited to:

  • Vanilla Porter
  • Export Stout
  • Kolsch
  • Belgian Double IPA
  • And special surprises!!!
It should be a great capper to a great American Craft Beer Week. Hope to see you all there! Cheers!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Six Row Cask Vote 2012

Are you tired of beer companies telling you which beers you like to drink? Do you hate hearing about how the coldness of a beer has a direct correlation to how delicious it is?

Who are these ad executives to tell you what qualities you like about a beer? Are our palates not unique? Are we not able to choose for ourselves if we desire a hoppier flavor, rather than one that is maltier? Perhaps we prefer dark and roasty instead of light and crisp. We believe there is no Divine Right when it comes to choosing beer for the people.

In this spirit, Six Row is putting the power of choice back into beer lovers’ hands. Help us elect the best choice for the April Cask Beer of the Month by voting in Six Row’s Cask Vote 2012 election.

We have nominated four strong candidates from which to choose that represent a wide range of qualities that people look for in a great cask beer:

Peppercorn Double IPA
This experienced candidate returns with an insider’s knowledge of what makes a successful cask beer

Raspberry Honey Weizen
This local candidate supports Missouri business through its use of Missouri honey and knows what St. Louis expects from a beer

Ginger K├Âlsch
It has a light touch, but don’t dismiss the spicy side of this candidate that can bring the heat when it counts

Chocolate Stout
It’s smooth, it’s dark, it’s sweet, but it is a serious candidate that knows what beer lovers want

Voting will begin on our next Cask Night of March 1st. We will open the voting on our web ballot at 4:00pm Central time. We'll also re-post the link on our homepage, on our Facebook page, and via Twitter at that time. Voting will end on Super Tuesday, March 6th at 8:00pm Central time.

In the meantime, those candidates need your help to get elected. If you have a cask beer you REALLY want to see us tap in April, get out and rock the vote! That means doing some heavy duty campaigning!

Spread the word via Twitter & Facebook and convince your friends that your choice is the right choice.

If you submit a slogan, a campaign poster, flyer, or banner, or even a YouTube video, we’ll choose the best one to win a $50 gift certificate good in our St. Louis Brewpub location. You can even create physical posters or banners to display in the brewpub while the campaign goes on.

You can submit material a number of ways:

  • Message our Facebook page.
  • Tweet us links or photos to @sixrowbrewco with the hashtag #CaskVote2012
  • E-mail submissions to timmcginnis (at) sixrowbrewco (dot) com (submitting via e-mail gives us permission to post material on our website or any of our social media outlets)
  • Bring a physical poster, banner or flyer to our Old Plant No. 1 Pub (AKA Election HQ) and we'll display it throughout the duration of the campaign

As we receive submissions we'll post them in our Cask Vote 2012 HQ album on our Facebook page as well as give regular unofficial polling numbers after the voting begins.

Submissions for campaign material that is eligible to win the prize will close at 11:59pm on Monday, March 5th. We'll announce the winner of the $50 prize as well as declare a winner of the election shortly after polling closes on March 6th.

So get those creative and persuasive juices flowing!

Every vote counts and we need you to choose which beer is most worthy of a place in Six Row Cask Night history. See you on the campaign trail!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quench Your Thirst For Knowledge and Beer at Cicero's Six Row Beer School

Throughout the course of time, humanity has strived to increase its knowledge, whether it has been exploring the outer reaches of space or focusing in on subatomic particles, our thirst for knowledge has known no bounds.  And now that thirst for knowledge has translated into actual thirst and we want to know more about beer.

Cicero's in the Loop has tried to meet that need by hosting a series of Beer Schools taught by professionals within the industry.
These experts will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about beer, the brewery, and how they got where they are today. Take notes because there is a review at the end of each class. You could walk away with great beer prizes; t-shirts, glassware, signs, bottle openers and all kinds of other beer collectibles will be given out as prizes. Graduation is based on attendance….and you want to graduate. If you graduate you will receive great discounts on the beer you purchase at Cicero’s until the following graduation.
On Wednesday, February 15th, we are thrilled to participate in the first Six Row Beer School sessions, taught by our head brewer, Evan Hiatt.

There won't actually be any paddling.  However, there WILL be samples of our Whale, Double IPA, Porter, and Pre-Prohibition Pilsner for attendees while Evan lectures about Six Row and our beers.

There are two sessions that last about an hour, one at 5:30 pm and one at 7:00 pm.  Cicero's is located at 6691 Delmar Blvd., University City, MO 63130.  The sessions are free of charge to attend.

Hope to see you there to expand your beer knowledge!