Monday, November 5, 2012

Congressman Clay Goes to Six Row

U.S  Congressman Lacy Clay recently visited the Six Row pub and microbrewery. Congressman  Clay is the Representative for Missouri’s 1st congressional district, which includes Six Row’s Old Plant No.1 location at 3690 Forest Park Avenue.

While the Congressman said his favorite leisure drink is wine, he is also a fan of craft beers. He prefers a lighter style beer, such as the Pre-Prohibition Old Plant No. 1 Pilsner.

“Congressman Clay was very interested in the brewing process, and asked many thoughtful, insightful questions,” said Six Row Head Brewer, Evan Hiatt. “He is aware of the recent boom in the craft beer industry and the commerce and jobs it’s creating in St. Louis and around the country.”

Evan Hiatt (left) gives Congressman Clay the tour of  Six Row's brewing facilities.

The Congressman asked what he could do in Washington to help microbreweries like Six Row succeed. Six Row President, Mike Rami, suggested that like most U.S. small businesses, microbreweries could benefit from less red tape, much of which is outdated and unnecessary.

From left to right, Hiatt, Congressman Clay, and Rami discuss the craft brewing industry.
Hiatt extended the invitation to Congressman Clay at the suggestion of the Brewers Association, which encouraged microbreweries to establish relationships with their legislators.  “Congressman Clay was a gracious guest, who left us feeling we have a new friend in Washington,” Hiatt said.

Looks good!