Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Six Row Has a New [as-yet-unnamed] Mug Club, Help Us Name It

Hey friends and fans of Six Row, we are delighted to announce the formation of a [as-yet-unnamed] Mug Club at our Plant No. 1 Pub.

Details, dates, how to join and what you get when you do join will all be announced in the very near future. 

In the meantime, though, we have a small problem. The first rule of mug club is... do not have a poorly named mug club.

While our [as-yet-unnamed] Mug Club will feature all sorts of discounts and specials, members-only events and snazzy glassware, what we're lacking is a great name. We've put our heads together and tossed around some ideas, but have fallen short, so we're asking you, our adoring public, to help us out. So we're going to have a [as-yet-unnamed] Mug Club Naming Contest.

You can submit your suggestions for our [as-yet-unnamed] Mug Club to: That's all it takes to enter. An idea and a valid e-mail address from which to send it to us.

If we choose your submission, you will become our Charter [your-cool-mug-club-name-here] Member, entitling you to a free one-year membership with all the benefits thereof, and a firm handshake from at least one, but probably several, of our very appreciative Six Row staff.

We will accept suggestions until Monday, October 1st, so get those creative juices flowing and help us name our [as-yet-unnamed] Mug Club!


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