Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who Wants Some Free Six Row Stuff?

We're really thrilled that so many people enjoyed the release of our new Cream Ale style on Saturday. It was a great way to start off St. Louis Craft Beer Week both in our Old Plant No. 1 Pub and out in the Twitterverse.

We saw lots of people tweeting about the event. Some were sharing when the Cream Ale would be released, some were expressing excitement about getting to try it, and some were so kind as to tell everyone how much they enjoyed it once they tasted it. This all ended up being free publicity for us and we couldn't be more thankful.

But we got to thinking we should give folks a chance to get something for mentioning our beer events this week. That's only fair, right?

So we are going to give out a prize every day of St. Louis Craft Beer Week. All you have to do to enter is to send a tweet mentioning our @SixRowBrewCo Twitter handle and our Hashtag of the Day.

It's simple. We'll announce our Hashtag of the Day here on Six Row Beer Buzz and on our Facebook page each morning this week.

Today the Hashtag of the Day is #SourMildDebut since we'll be tapping a small batch of Sour Mild at 4pm today. Now you can just go ahead and Tweet out a message to your followers that includes @SixRowBrewCo and #SourMildDebut in the tweet and you'll be entered for a chance to win. The deadline to be entered into the contest will be 30 minutes before we close that day. We'll announce the randomly chosen winner the next morning and contact you via Twitter to let you know you've won.

You can enter every day if you want, but you will only be entered once per Twitter account on any given day. (So while we would love if you sent out four tweets about us on one day, you would still only be entered once for that day.)

You may be thinking, "What if I'm not feeling original. Can I just retweet someone else's message?" Yep. It's that easy.

Our first prize for Monday will be a Six Row Whale of a Time t-shirt.

We'll announce the prize of the day when we announce the Hashtag of the Day each day.

So thanks again to all those who tweeted about us for free. Now when you tweet about us, you can get free stuff! (Plus, we hope you really like the beer.)

Remember, the Hashtag of the Day is #SourMildDebut. Be sure to check back here or our Facebook page to see what the next Hashtag of the Day is!

Let's keep St. Louis Craft Beer Week rolling at Six Row!


It seems if you have a protected account and we don't already follow you, we may not see your #SourMildDebut tweets. If your account is protected and you want to make sure you are entered, you can comment here or on our Facebook page with your Twitter handle. Let us know & we'll request to follow so you can enter more this week and we'll be sure to see your tweets.

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