Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's Six Row Hashtag of the Day

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Hashtag of the Day contest yesterday. The Sour Mild release was a great success and we were tapped out after about three hours. In a way, we are all winners, but in a more accurate way, @tlbarsh was the winner of the Whale of a Time t-shirt.

For our St. Louis Craft Beer Week event today, we will be serving a flight of three different Black IPA versions.

The Black IPA is actually based off the beer we made for the Schlafly Fresh Hops Festival last year. We will be releasing a large batch in the Autumn, but Evan has been debating which hops work best. So we are going to let our customers help us decide.

He's brewed three versions: one with Gelena hops, one with Summit hops, and one with Nugget hops. We'll serve all three in a flight and you can tell us which one you like best to help us decide which version will be available in the Fall. So come on in and make your choice known!

So let's get started with trying to win that growler. Be sure to tag @SixRowBrewCo and include the hashtag, #BIPAflight to enter!

Good luck, everyone!


We discovered yesterday that people with protected accounts that we don't already follow might not turn up in our Hashtag search. So if you are worried we might not see your tweet, you can comment here or on our Facebook page with your Twitter handle. Let us know you tweeted & we'll request to follow so you can enter more this week and we'll be sure to see your tweets.