Friday, August 5, 2011

Trippel Your Pleasure, Trippel Your Fun

Rebecca Black likes to sing about Friday, Friday, but when she eventually turns 21 in eight years, she might have to change it to Friday, Friday, Friday after trying our Belgian Trippel.  (That was a long way to go for a weak joke, but it's the end of a busy week.)

The important thing to remember is that we'll be releasing a small batch of our Belgian Trippel style this afternoon at 4pm.  So what exactly is a Trippel?
Many people like the malty goodness of our Belgian Dubbel style, but the funny thing about Belgian Trippels is that it isn't just an intensified Dubbel as the name might suggest.  The Trippel will indeed have a higher ABV than the Dubbel, but it will be more yellow to gold colored and have a more spicy character than the darker malted Dubbel.
Sounds tasty doesn't it?

So in that spirit, today's Hashtag of the Day is #TrippelTasty and the winning tweet today gets a free growler to take home some of your favorite Six Row beer!  Happy Friday, Friday, Friday!

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