Monday, November 7, 2011

Semi-New Style Release: Vanilla Porter

Remember when you tasted the Vanilla Porter from one of our cask nights and wished that it was available more often? Well, you're in luck.

Or remember when you would get to Six Row to try the Vanilla Porter cask that everyone on Twitter was raving about, but you found it was gone already and you wished we had more of it? You are also in luck.

Or remember when you tasted the Vanilla Porter and you thought it was just OK, but you really preferred to go with a Double IPA or a Whale? Well, then this doesn't matter that much to you, but the good news is that we still have lots of DIPA and Whale for you!

We can't make EVERYONE happy with a single style release, but we think the large batch of our Vanilla Porter will please a lot of you, so that's exactly what we will be doing on Thursday, November 10th at 4pm.

After much success with adding vanilla beans to casks of our original Porter, we've produced a full tank of this wonderful beer. It's the Porter you already know and love, with a healthy dose of whole vanilla beans added to the fermenter. It's as simple and delicious as that, and starts pouring at 4PM.

This is just one of a number of releases we have coming up soon, so stay tuned here (or our Facebook page or on Twitter or on our homepage). Cheers!

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